Consumer Reports Names Tesla Top Pick In Annual Car Rankings

Hyundai to challenge Germans with luxury car aimed at European diplomats

(Joe Raedle, Getty Images / February 19, 2014) Also By Jerry Hirsch February 25, 2014, 10:11 a.m. Consumer Reports named the Tesla Motors Model S electric car the best vehicle on the road Tuesday. The magazine called the luxury sports sedan its top pick of all 2014 model year autos. This was the first time since 2010 that Consumer Reports named a top overall pick. The last was the Lexus LS 460L.
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SOURCE Rex Luxury Car Rental

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95% of Rolls-Royce cars purchased in 2013 were personalized by their owners

95% of Rolls Royce cars purchased in 2013 were personalized by their owners

Levels of personalisation on Phantom were highest around the world compared to other Rolls-Royce models, with 98% of North American customers and 95% of European owners creating Bespoke Phantoms. In addition, 86% of Asian buyers created Bespoke Phantoms for themselves. Ghost, by its more informal nature, had a slightly lower Bespoke content outside the Middle East, with 96% of European buyers, 79% of North Americans and 54% of Asian owners individualising their cars. All three models surpassed their revenue targets in 2013 with an overall revenue increase of 30% over 2012.
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The 10 worst cars sold in America

“We’ll be selling, I guess, less than 1,000 of these cars every year at very targeted and specific customers,” he said, and the focus would be on “people who have got some familiarity with us as a brand, and not least the diplomatic community.” He told journalists in London that the company, which said on Tuesday it had reached 6 million European sales since it began operating in the region in 1977, aimed to increase its visibility by getting cars on Europe’s streets. Hyundai, which aims to increase its European market share from 3.4 to 5 percent by 2020, has sought to boost its brand image by making a foray into the premium market. “There’s a non-market benefit to having Genesis in Europe… to the home market in Korea and to the U.S market where frankly just having the vehicle alongside some of the German premium players gives it a level of prestige,” he said. Hyundai launched the sleek revamped version of its high-end Genesis sedan model to its South Korean home and U.S.
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